What Do You Need to Paint?

Home renovation is a big part of making your house more comfortable. Painting your home brings a positive impression to the family and friends. The color for the paint comes with a meaning whether to brighten the mood in the house or bring calmness. In addition, painting increases the value of your property. Here are some of the things you need to paint your home.

Paint is the most important supply you need. Before you go buying any paint you need to decide what color you are preferring. It will depend on which part of the house you are painting. The kitchen, bedroom hallway, and other rooms need different types of colors. After that estimate how much paint you need. Consider the size of the wall and whether you are painting the entire wall or halfway.

Paintbrushes and rollers
They are used to apply paint on the wall. There are of different types which include; angled brush used mainly in painting straight lines around doors, windows ceiling, and woodwork. A roller cover and handle. It is the most used tool to paint a smooth wall. It can paint from top to down and you may not need a ladder to reach certain heights. A craft brush is important when you want to even out paint lines especially o door knobs, door, and window trim.

Painting trays
They are containers where you put or mix paint and dip your brush and rollers as you paint. There are of different types and sizes. While you are using a roller you may use metal made trays without liners. In areas where you are using small brushes or you are evening the paint, you can use smaller plastic cups. The bottom line, use a tray you are comfortable carrying on the ladder.

Tarps and plastics
Painting is not a white color job as per se. One becomes messy and they paint may splatter anywhere. In case there are furniture or carpets it’s safe to protect them. Tarps or plastic bags will do the job perfectly. When it comes to the floor is wise to use a cloth tarp as it will absorb the paint and reduce any chances of slipping. You can move it around as you progress painting.

The tape is used to paint edges and stripes. It can also be used in taping off minor fixtures. In case you have areas that are difficult to paint you can use the tape. Ladder and step stool
You don’t need to balance yourself on chairs and tables anymore. A step stool and a lander will help you maneuver the room as you paint. They are of different sizes and you can get one depending on the height of your walls. Much taller lands are also available for tall walls.

Rags are import for easier cleanup. In case there is an accidental spill or the splattering has gone beyond the tarps they will be helpful. Keep several of them and a bucket nearby just in case you need them.

It is also vital to note that, depending on the type of surface you may require a sandpaper, painter putty, tack cloth for sanding dust removal, and a putty knife.

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