Things to Know Before Painting

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Over a period of time, the walls of the rooms in a house become dirty. In some cases the paint will start peeling off also. Though most people hire professional painters while painting their entire home, often they only have to paint a single room urgently. In other cases, the home owner has a limited budget or is not able to find a suitable painter for the house. So in these cases, it is necessary for the homeowner to paint the house himself or herself. If you are painting your home for the first time some information on What you should know before painting a room in your home is provided.

The paint will be applied properly only if the surface of the walls and other areas is clean and smooth. Otherwise the paint will peel or flake off after some time, and will look uneven . Hence it is important to clean the surface that is being painted properly. Usually sandpaper is used to make the surface smooth. If there are holes or gaps, they have to be filled. Hence the home owner should arrange for the tools and supplies required for cleaning the surface. He will also have to make a provision for the time required for cleaning the surface which is being painted.

Choosing the right paint color and type is also important while painting the room. Usually lighter colors are preferred for smaller rooms since they make the room look bigger. However, dirt and stains are more easily visible on lighter colored walls, so these colors are not recommended if there are small children in the house who are likely to scribble on the wall or make it dirty. While a emulsion paint is used for room painting, it is available in Matt or silk options. It is also important to know the amount of paint required, after measuring the area of the room so that the right amount of paint is purchased. Each liter of paint will usually cover an area of 10 square meters.If the wooden doors are being painted, a wood primer is required.

Like any other do it yourself (DIY) activity it is also necessary to make suitable arrangements and have the right tools. While painting some of the paint will spill and fall on the furniture, floor and other surfaces. Removing the paint can be very time consuming, and utensils can get spoiled. So it is necessary to cover all the surfaces properly before the painting work will start. After the painting is completed, these covers can be removed and discarded. It is also important to have rags,cloth, waste paper for cleaning the paint which has spilled.

For painting the upper walls and ceiling a ladder will be required, and the painter should purchase a high quality ladder which is comfortable and safe. It is also important to get the right paintbrushes for painting the different surfaces. While conventional paintbrushes or roller brushes can be used for larger areas, they are not suitable for narrow areas. The dust generated while painting can make it difficult to breathe, so the painter should wear a dust mask. The home owner should also estimate the time required for painting, and plan his schedule accordingly.

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