How to Choose a Paint Color

One of the easiest ways to improve both the inside and outside appearance of a house, and make it look like new, is by painting the house. Since the process of painting a home is very time consuming and expensive, it is important to plan the painting properly so that there are no mistakes. One of the most important considerations while painting a home, is selecting the right paint color for each room which is being painted. There are many factors which should be considered while finalizing the paint color and some tips on How to choose a paint color for a room or the house are listed below.

One of the main factors which should be considered before finalizing the paint color is the size of the rooms in the house. Light colors will make the room look bigger creating the illusion of space since they will reflect light, while dark colors will make the room look smaller. Many apartments in large cities have small rooms since the real estate rates in the city are very high. So if the home owner wishes to make the rooms look larger, they should choose lighter shades like white, light blue, light pink, light green or similar colors.

However, one of the major disadvantages of painting a room with lighter color paint is that the stains and dirt marks will be easily visible. So it is also important to consider the profile of the family living in the home. If there are small children in the house, they will often scribble on the wall or press their dirty hands on the wall. This scribbling and fingerprints on the wall will be more easily visible if a lighter hue is used for the painting. Also senior citizens may use the wall for support, resulting in stains. So for families with small children, senior citizens and pets darker shades are preferred. In some rooms like the kitchen food ingredients may get splattered while cooking, so it is better to choose brown or similar shades of paint color.

Another consideration while choosing the paint color is the decor of the rooms of the house. Usually the furniture used is fairly expensive and is chosen based on a particular theme. The paint color should be chosen so that it matches the decor, especially furniture of the house. The family members are usually spending most of their free time at home, they may be looking at the walls, while thinking. So it is also advisable to check their personal preferences while painting the rooms, especially if the family members have their own separate room.

The home owner should also consider the availability of paint at the local hardware store while deciding the paint color. Most painters will purchase the paint they require from the local hardware store since it is more convenient. These stores will usually have paints of only a few colors in stock based on the demand for the paint. If a specific color shade is required, the home owner may have to place a custom order or pay a higher price. The delivery of the paint may also take some time.

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