Complimentary and Symmetrical Colors

Colors fill our canvas of life with joy and happiness. It is the festival of colors that we celebrate in nature around us. Essentially the light and colors give us the dimension to view the universe and everything on the earth. Below are tips on how to plan your home so all the paint colors go together.

Like God paints the sky with rainbow of colors, artists and painters dream in color and fill their canvas with their colorful expressions. Colors are a feast to our eyes as well as heart.

Color combinations are fascinating. You have monotones and contrasts using which one can create unique effect. Using color combinations that fit as contrast but not clashing can enhance the beauty of each of the colors and make it stand out.

Of course you have the flow through complimentary colors and variations within the same color. It gives the effect of free flowing energy with variation in tones to be using complimentary colors like crimson with orange.

Depending upon the room design you can use various combinations of symmetrical and complimentary colors or contrasts to create the mood and setting that you want for the space.

Colors not only have the visual appeal but they effect your mind space as well as the heart. They have psychological, emotional as well as physical effect on the persons and can alter ones moods and effect his physical health like heart beat etc. So it helps to know a bit more about the color combinations and their effects before deciding on the final shade.

I would say they want the house to appear bigger because one day the possibility of selling the house will come true because most people want a bigger house.

Many people make the mistake of painting rainwater sprinklers the same color as the drains attached to the fascia panel because they are attached to each other. Don’t make that mistake! The downpours must be washed over the body of the house so as not to stand out!

I’ve seen professional painters and architects choose the colors they like and persuade indecisive homeowners to make a decision so they can get to work as quickly as possible. I’m here to tell you today that you don’t have to be forced to use paint of any color if you’re not 100% sure about using it.

Hear what professional painters, architects, or contractors have to say. These people are professionals and have generally been through this process before. They have generally acquired knowledge that most homeowners lack, especially when it comes to painting a house.

All said and done, color is the spice of life and when used according to the principles, can add to our well being and happiness.

When you get the chance to do up your home, take time to understand more about colors and explore ways in which you can use it to your advantage and reign in prosperity.
These simple approaches to finding what works best have a proven track record of making owners happy with the colors they have decided to use after using these approaches for discovery.

Thank you so much, St George Roof Repair, for making sure our homes stay warm and dry and for being one of our sponsors!

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